Presentation guidelines

Oral abstract presentations will be 15 minutes in duration with all oral abstract presentations being pre-recorded.

Pre-recording presenters are required to upload their presentation as a single MP4 file via this link no later than 5pm Friday 1 October (NZST). This will allow us time to check your file, request resubmission where required, and prepare your presentation for delivery via the online conference platform. If files are not received by this time you will be removed from the programme.

Presentation recordings must not exceed their allocated time of 15 minutes. If videos go over the allocation these videos will be automatically cut at 15 minutes or we will ask you to resubmit.

If you have any concerns about pre-recording your presentation or providing your file to us by the deadline please contact Lauren Broughton

Step 1 - Record your presentation

Record your presentation. Make sure to keep to the time limit required for your presentation.

Need help to record? See above for advice on how to record your presentation.

Step 2 - Submit your presentation

Recordings must be provided to Multi Media

  • In MP4 format
  • As a single file

Submit via this link

Files to be named: presenter last name_first name. If you are submitting more than one session presentation, please indicate the session number.

Step 3 - Log into OnAIR

Presenters will have access to the OnAIR portal approximately one week prior to the event. Log in early to:

  • Check session information
  • Upload a photo of yourself
  • Familiarise yourself with the Live Q&A feed

Step 4 - Join session and live Q&A

Join your conference session, AT LEAST 15 minutes before the Q&A start time. Your session host will test your audio and camera settings. Participate in the live Q&A with the audience.

Presenting online using On AIR

Use Google chrome

Please make sure you log into the platform using CHROME. Other internet browsers such as, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari etc DO NOT support presenting within the OnAir platform. If you do not have Chrome installed, please download and install it prior to the start of the conference. Click here to install CHROME

Use a desktop computer or laptop

If you have the ability to use two screens this will mean you can have multiple functions available to view easily. You will be able to view the live Q&A and chat functions within the platform. This is not essential.

Stable internet connection

Make sure you have a stable internet connection (2Mbps upload, 4Mbps download or better). If possible, use a wired internet cable for stronger and more reliable connection.

You can test your Internet connection speed at

Test your camera and microphone

Please ensure you have tested your microphone and webcam settings before your session. We strongly encourage using a headset with an inbuilt microphone for the best audio. This is especially important if you will be presenting from a shared space.

Live support

Experiencing a technical issue with the platform? No worries, the Conference Innovators team will be connected all time during the conference hours to answer your questions and provide virtual presenters and attendees with technical support using live chat and video calls through the event. Live support is immediately accessible via the Live Support icon at the top of the online conference portal. Users should log their query in the live support chat box and a team member will respond as quickly as possible.

Accessing the platform within your workplace

If you will be joining the Conference from within your workplace, you will need to ensure that your workplace firewall does not block access to the streaming platforms of the sessions and networking functions. You should check access with your IT department as early as possible as it may take a few days or weeks for your request to be processed.

Below is a list of all the streaming platforms that will be used during the Conference. Your IT department will need to whitelist these services to enable you to have full access to everything within the platform.

  • Aircast
  • Vimeo
  • Youtube
  • Vonage

*These are not weblinks and cannot be tested through pasting them into an internet browser

Please note: If you are accessing the platform using Google Chrome, then you should experience no issues gaining access to the online conference portal from within your workplace. If the above sites are not whitelisted, then your organisation may block access to the streamed presentations and conference sessions and you will not be able to watch any of the sessions.